Tortalk Read With Ears With Text


Listen to text instead of reading

TorTalk is an easy to use reading tool that can read out all kinds of text from paper and screen. With TorTalk installed on your computer you are just one click away from listening to any text on the screen. It works for all ebooks, locked PDF files and text within scanned images. Of course also for webpages and word processing tools. 


For those with dyslexia or other reading difficulties, a text-to-speech program like TorTalk make a big difference in everyday life. In a few minutes  you can listen and understand text that might have taken hours to read with your eyes. TorTalk is a simple to use reading tool, you are up and running within in a minute.



This is how TorTalk works 


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“Sometimes I wonder how I managed before TorTalk , it has helped so much.”

Lisa Lundqvist, President of the student association dyslexics at Uppsala University 


“TorTalk is so easy to use that the students immediately become independent. It also frees lots of time for us at the library” 

Elin Nord, educational library of Gothenburg University and Chairman of the Swedish DAISY Consortium


“I was at least 3 weeks behind my fellow students, but cought up to their head start in 3 days, when I got TorTalk” 

Oscar Dankwardt, computer science student at Luleå University of Technology


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