Below you will find short video films about how to manage TorTalk Mac. You will also find links to system devices and manual.

 TorTalk Mac is a software for Mac-computers which will read out loud all text on the screen for people with dyslexia or anyone who prefers to listen to text.   

Introduction TorTalk Mac

Click here for system requirements for TorTalk Mac.

 Getting started with TorTalk is easy and takes less than a minute. Simply highlight the text in question and click the Play button.

 If you can´t highlight a format of text, use the OCR function instead. Listen to pdf-documents or copy protected e-books with only two clicks.



 This is what the program looks like if you want all of the icons to be visible.


Click here to open the manual for the program




 Short intro showing how fast and easy you can get started with reading/listening! 


 In this video we demonstrate a few more choises and functions. The video is from a Windows computer but TorTalk Mac is simular. As you can see, settings are kept to a minimum.